Direct involvement in the promotion, management and implementation of advanced technologies in automation, water and energy control centers, smart metering, distribution networks


The process-oriented approach in a modern utility structure requires the integration of technical activities, functions, information, technology, economical analysis, managerial issues, and business rules.


NEEDS initiated the Research, Development, and Implementation Programs for the radical transformation of the power grid in different countries of the region into a real smart grid


NEEDS staffing strategy is unique compared to the engineering practice in the Middle East and Gulf regions, and is dictated by the challenges facing the achievement of the company's vision

NEEDS Journey, initiated in year 2000, in digital utility transformation is continuing.. At WETEX, as part of Dubai Expo 2020, NEEDS and Trigenia Italy are promoting the BEMS where Energy Management and Control are becoming integral part of Building Management System. Our joined regional company Trigenia llc (founded in Abu Dhabi in 2017) will develop and promote the new technology innovations for the Consultants, Contractors, Developers, industrial and residential customers. Energy and Facility Management enveloped by the Augmented Reality technology are now in your hands.


About Us

Established in 1997, NEEDS is committed to the pursuit of excellence in serving the regional market needs in the fields of energy systems, electrical and water networks, infrastructure development, smart grid, automation and control systems, information technology, smart metering, environment, policy development, and project quality management.

NEEDS Statement

"Commitment to Lead the Digital Transformation of Utility Business in the 21st Century towards Overall Business Sustainable Environment with Ultimate Professional Integrity."


NEEDS endeavors to be a pioneer consulting and engineering company specialized in the integration of advanced automation and information technologies with planning, design, operations, finance, management, customer services, and other business activities of governmental and private utilities in the region.