Policy / Restructuring Programs

This business track was associated with the development, restructuring and reformation of existing utility sectors, administrations and services, and with the provision of consultation advises aiming at launching key strategic needed projects. NEEDS direct contribution had strong impact into three programs:

Strengthening the Capacity of the Ministry of Energy and Water (MOEW) to Implement Power Sector Policy Reforms

2007-2009: The project aimed at assisting the MOEW in closing on-going projects, providing policy advice in key strategic areas such as fuel sourcing, generation development, energy regulator, and other critical policy matters.

The Project resulted in recommending the implementation of practical policy measures and reviewing all studies carried out in the energy sector over 5 years, determining the suitability of recommendations and identifying possible gaps that need to be closed by commissioning further studies. This project was financed by the World Bank.

Restructuring Distribution Business

2006-2008: The project aimed at developing the Services Provider (SP) scope of work for the reengineering of the distribution services, and at proposing a structure based on the Asset Owner / Asset Operator Business model. The project was financed by the Lebanese government.

Distribution Service Provider

2012-2016: NEEDS was the Program Manager for an 800 Million USD Program to manage the unique project "Distribution Service Provider" (DSP) which is associated with the outsourcing the electricity utility distribution services for a radical transition to the digital age. The DSP project contracted three Distribution Service Providers to take over the business activities of the Lebanese Electric Company for four years. Works include the mobilization of all distribution offices, network survey, planning programs, network operation and maintenance, network re-engineering, implementing an enterprise AMI solution covering 1.2 million customers, billing and collection services, and managing all customer services activities based on structured KPI Program. The DSP was planned to be co-executed with the AMI center with complete billing and custom relation management systems.