Distribution Management System

This business track is associated with the promotion, development, and implementation of Distribution Management technologies as the core of the reengineering process of the utility business, where the SCADA and communication infrastructure are linked with DMS applications including energy flow, power losses minimization, load shedding optimization, assets loading maximization, and other applications to provide high reliability and security of supply services. The emphasis is being dedicated to the customization of DMS Software, development of GIS/DMS integration, proper network modeling, and data collection and validation processing.

NEEDS has provided more than ten regional seminars and courses in Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Dubai, and other countries in the region with a total contribution of more than 150 utility managers and engineers.

NEEDS Chairman with a highly specialized team have completed for Abu Dhabi Water and Electricity Authority the development of two sate-of-the-art Modern Distribution Centers for Abu Dhabi and Al-Ain cities, over a three-year program. A Distribution Automation and control strategy was developed resulting in an implementation plan to enhance the coverage of automated facilities in line with the network complexity and growth. This program is unique in the Gulf and MENA countries.