Advanced Metering Infrastructure

This business track is associated with the promotion, development and implementation of Smart Metering in the core of the Smart Grid. The business activities are related to the provision of consulting services and program management assuring the appropriate integration of the metering platform (Network, Transformer, and Customer) with high technology hardware and advanced sophisticated management and billing software into the utility and its existing power grid.
NEEDS developed a country enterprise Collection, Management and Metering (CMM) project to closing the financial gap in the Distribution Business for the Lebanese Government. The project was aiming at creating a self-financed enterprise advanced metering system with a service contract agreement for billing and collection services.

NEEDS conducted the ‘AMI / Communications and Billing / CRM Seminar – Lebanon 2011’ with the participation of seventeen local and international companies in the Smart Metering and Communication Services field.

NEEDS is the Consultant for the Lebanese AMI center covering 1.2 million smart meters. The project addressed the overall AMI functionalities and components including system architecture, AMI hardware, software and database requirements, communication and integration with other enterprise systems. NEEDS developed and managed the bidding process for building the AMI center including Head End, MDM, CRM and Billing Information System.