Leadership in Specialized Programs

Energy Storage

This business innovation is concerned with the deployment of a realistic programs for power storage systems which applies high energy density and highly efficient batteries in order to provide load leveling with the high differences between day and night load and throughout the seasons, and to secure additional emergency supply facilities.

NEEDS Chairman lead the first Program of this type in Abu Dhabi City in line with the latest technological advancements in Japan and USA. The program is under continuous development where energy storage facilities will be part of the overall energy supply system.

Distributed Generation

Distributed generation consists of small-scale power generation sources distributed close to customers side, and are designed to supply electricity in a frequent manner. This concept is expected to mark a significant change in the electric utility business.

NEEDS provides consulting services to the various distributed generation projects, for both novel renewable resource technologies and traditional power system. A "Plug in Power" Program, developed by NEEDS for Saudi market, was initiated since 2002 and has exceeded a business turnover of 80 M USD in less than seven years.

NEEDS Services are in engineering, technical and financial consultancy, for the various solutions like wind, PV, batteries, and existing technologies in the power market.

Smart Grid

NEEDS initiated the Research and Development Programs for the development of radical transformation of the power grid in different countries of the region into a real smart grid with multi-supply/generation components and schemes, storage facilities, increased connectivity, embedded automation/control and information platforms, and dynamic coordination/interaction between power suppliers, utility networks and consumers.