Core Values

Direct involvement in the promotion, management and implementation of advanced technologies in automation, water and energy control centers, smart metering, distribution networks, and load management services.
Innovative achievement in strategizing, developing, & positioning GIS in the heart of utility business.
Active promoter of the Smart Grid Concept with enterprise metering solution in the core of the grid.
Interactive participation in formulating strategic planning programs, network re-engineering, and system analysis studies with attention to uncertainties, quality, and reliability requirements.
Active contribution to the latest advancements in business privatization and transformation in the utility environment at the regional and international scale.
Aggressive processing of latest business intell- igent systems and benchmarking activities.

Realistic implementation of energy efficiency projects, foundation of energy services companies, and promotion of distributed generation business.
Successful implementation of large scale enterprise projects in fast growing utilities.
Continuous presence and interaction with the business environment, decision making process, and policy makers.