Energy Efficiency / Demand Side Management

Energy Survey

Energy Survey and Energy Management Plan (EMP) is required to qualify the industries in Abu Dhabi for
the industrial Electricity intensive program (ETIP). The initiative provides a discount to standard
industrial tariffs for those sites with active industrial licenses and fulfills specific qualifying criteria.
NEEDS Engineering assist companies in carrying out the ENERGY SURVEY & Energy
Management plan report required by the ETIP programme. Energy survey and Energy
management plans give direction to the industries to reduce operational cost, Increase the
productivity level, Enhancing competitiveness, and improve plant efficiency

Energy Efficiency

This business track is concerned with performing the engineering and feasibility related to energy management programs where the cost of energy is increasing significantly pushing the end users to cut down energy consumption; on the other hand, environmental regulations are increasingly demanding energy efficiency pushing consumers to reduce energy consumption.

Large Scale DSM program

NEEDS chairman with a highly specialized team is currently working within Abu Dhabi Water and Electricity Authority in managing the implementation of a large scale demand side management project inside the Emirate of Abu Dhabi.

Energy Management

NEEDS aims at achieving primary energy saving, consumer cost reduction, environmental protection and attaining a high level of sustainability and reliability of the power system through Load Management (Peak load reduction, Load Shifting) and Energy Efficiency (EPC-ESCO, Energy Audit).


The MED-EMIP project has an overall objective to support the implementation of the Euro-Mediterranean Energy Partnership’s on key energy policy and industry issues. This project, funded by the EU, started January 2008.
NEEDS, as a consortium partner in this project, with GTZ Germany (Lead), OME France and Kuhbier Belgium, provides short term regional expertise and technology transfer, and is involved in the management and control tasks of the project.


MED-ENEC project, “Energy Efficiency in the Construction Sector in the Mediterranean”, aims at giving a boost to energy efficiency measures and to the use of solar energy in the construction sector. MED-ENEC is a project funded by the European Union. The project scope covers the following MEDA countries: Algeria, Egypt, Jordan, Lebanon, Morocco, Palestinian Territories, Syria, Tunisia and Turkey.
NEEDS as a consortium partner to the MED-ENEC participated during the period of the project with the Consortium of GTZ Germany (Lead), ECOFYS Netherland and ERC Egypt in providing the regional management support, short term regional expertise and the technology transfer. NEEDS co-managed more than 20 workshops and seminars, and completed major Project millstones.