Training Management System (TMS) Launching – December 8, 2020, Beirut, Lebanon

The Minister of Education and Higher Education, Dr. Tarik Al-Majzoub, and the President of the Center of Education for Research and Development (CERD), Professor George Nohra, launched the “Training Management System (TMS)” and interactive remote training courses in a ceremony held at CERD Press in Sin El Fil, Lebanon on Tuesday December 8, 2020, in the presence of very important figures, decision makers, consultants, and technicians. Mr. Daoud Al-Gharib the project Manager, presented NEEDS at the ceremony.

NEEDS was assigned to implement this project in its two Phases (I & II) using advanced technology, and to support CERD in integrating TMS with their existing systems and data warehouse towards automating the data processing, assessment, analysis, and tracking. This Project was funded from the UNICEF, the Canadian government and the European Union within the framework of the S2R2 Education Support Program, and through NEEDS which was awarded the project via public tender.

TMS platform is developed and implemented to address all the curriculum management capabilities to support the design of all training modules based on the new Teacher Training Curriculum Model (TTCM) approach and in relation to the teachers' competency framework; additionally, it provides Learning Management System (LMS) capabilities, in terms of registering teachers, trainers or educational staff for training modules, training implementation and progress tracking as well as content delivery. Through this process, the TMS is implemented to manage a big volume of trainers, trainees, mechanisms, data, standards, monitoring, and management platforms as per the following:

100,000 teachers and administrators, 200 coaches, 500 officials and employees, more than 1000 develop and approve mechanisms, more than 100000 registration and approval mechanisms, in addition to more than 100000 documentation and data.

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