NEEDS Partners






As part of its continuous technological development, provision of most benefit to its clients and in line with its commitment to promote the Digital Transformation and Smart Grid Concept and to create regional platform for the Government Ministries and Authorities, the Private Sector, the International Vendors, the Service Companies, the Academic Institutions, Renewable and Energy Management Centers and Financial Institution, NEEDS has established several cooperation engagements with leading Academic Institutions, Independent Laboratories, Leading Utilites, Consultants, Contractors & Developers specialized indifferent areas among which are the Smart Grid and the Smart Metering business.


NEEDS - IBERDROLA Collaboration: NEEDS and IBERDROLA have signed Memorandum of Understanding that provides a general framework for the development of the referred potential collaboration for research cooperation, joint projects development and tender submissions for Consultancy services.
The collaboration started in December 2017 in the region covering the following areas (i) Fundamental, academic and applied research of mutual interest; (ii) Joint research activities and publications; (iii) Participation in seminars, conferences and academic meetings; (iv) Collaboration in research and development projects; (v) Jointly submission of proposals for Consultancy services tenders.


NEEDS - TECNALIA Collaboration: NEEDS and TECNALIA have signed Memorandum of Understanding with the intension to collaborate to develop and to market their joint services on technical consultancy in the field of smart metering and distribution automation in the distribution grid in Lebanon and in the Gulf States.
This engagement resulted in a successful collaboration by applying TECNALIA expertise - as a private technological center that aims at contributing actively to economic and social development - in DSP Project (EDL-Lebanon: 2012-2016) to support NEEDS project implementation in relation to the AMI track where DLMS, Prime, Communication topology and electrical noise data analysis was performed at TECNALIA Laboratory and the performance results were considered in the final evaluation of the pilot during 2015.


NEEDS - NESMA Collaboration: NEEDS and NESMA Trading have signed Agreement to cooperate in the preparation and submission of the Tender related to SEC Smart Metering Wave 1. As part of the agreement, NEEDS will escort NESMA in the management of the 12-steps bidding process and will lead and guide the involved parties in project Bid Preparation. NEEDS was foreseen to play the role of the Project Management Assistance and Technology Expert who has (i) the experience in the Smart Metering domain (ii) the knowledge of smart metering solution design and implementation, and (iii) has developed the vision and concept of the transformation to the Digital Utility and Smart Grid.


NEEDS - Trigenia Italy Partnership: NEEDS and Trigenia Italy have jointly established ‘Trigenia Energy Efficiency Solutions LLC’ in Abu Dhabi. The established company received it 5-years ESCO License from Department of Energy in Abu Dhabi, formerly ADWEA, on March 2017 to provide Energy Efficiency Services including Energy Audit, Design and Engineering, Implementation Supervision, Implementation and Measurement and Verification.
‘Trigenia Energy Efficiency Solutions LLC’ executed its first Energy Performance Contract for Public Office Buildings in Abu Dhabi on December 2017.


NEEDS – UNIMAC Partnership in Energy Efficiency: NEEDS and UNIMAC has reached a Partnership Framework Agreement to finance and execute ESCO projects in the Territory of Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. The partnership is provisionally Licensed as an ESCO company from the Saudi Energy Efficiency Center for Energy Conservation, SEEC, in March 2018 to provide services in Energy Conservation Projects including Energy Audit, Design and Engineering, Implementation Supervision, Implementation of ECMs, Measurement and Verification and Provision of ISO 50001.
This agreement sets out to identify the common areas of interest within the Projects in the field of Energy Services including ESCO and Energy Management, and Renewable Energy within the Territory. The partnership has started its first Energy Performance Contract in Riyadh on August 28, 2018.


NEEDS – Team International Memorandum of Understanding: NEEDS and Team International has signed an MOU to establish a working relationship for projects to be carried out by either party within the territory of Middle East and Gulf Countries. The Parties intend to jointly bid to projects that fall within the scope of work of the entities in the territory.