Speed Bumps

The aim of this project was to provide major cities with a new, innovative, non-conventional, and reliable source of clean energy to illuminate streets, traffic signals, and advertising boards, among others. The contribution of this project to the world of energy generation was characterized by utilizing the wasted potential energy, produced by moving cars over speed (breaker) bumps, by converting it into kinetic energy and then to electric energy. A prototype was constructed at Basateen Municipality in Aley city to prove this innovative and patented solution for generating clean electricity when vehicles pass over road bumps. Potential direct benefits to cities around the country could be summarized as follows: . Efficient solution for the continuous increase of electricity demand in Lebanon. Immediate injection of additional power which will have great impact on reducing power shutdown. Reliability of power supply to address traffic light problems. Continuous illumination of Beirut streets all night with a positive impact on tourism and security. Elimination of expensive bills for illuminating streets, traffic lights, and advertising boards.

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Speed Bumps


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