Al Cazar Restaurant Project: ESCO Services

In July 2016, NEEDS experts initiated the provision of Energy Audit services and ESCO activities, in a three-floor facility in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, undertaking energy savings and provision of the same level of energy service, at lower cost.

The project aims at reducing the customer energy consumption, keeping the same comfort and service level of the facility, via implementing state-of-the-art technologies and measures. This project will help the customer, after the payback period, to generate cash flow reducing the environment impact.

The energy audit services and analytics will follow NEEDS latest methodology, using special advanced instruments, Software, Information Systems and Technologies, implemented by NEEDS expertise, from energy survey, to applying the most advanced measures, till verifying the savings over financing.

This project will help the customer understand its energy use and consumption, increment its energy and cost savings, and strengthen its knowledge in energy efficiency measures, with minimal risk, for better practices.