E-Learning Services and Solutions – Update3


E-Learning services and solutions are considered as one of the fastest-growing knowledge-based industries and, is the single most important transforming influence on education and corporate training across the globe.

Many countries initiated their educational transformation journeys in the past decades in response to the digital information disruption and in accordance with learners’ needs. Correspondingly, NEEDS aims at achieving profound revolutionary changes to prepare the new generations to be more ready for the ever changing and unpredictable future!


Based on NEEDS experience in digital transformation within the utility sector, Chairman Dr. Mounir Yehia, as a former Professor at the American University of Beirut, intends to realize a breakthrough in transforming the Education sector. Accordingly, NEEDS established a business track of e-Learning that aims at transforming the existing learning practices and strategies via utilizing state-of-the-art technology standards and learning models. NEEDS is concerned with the learning paradigm shift designed to cater for the 21st century skills for today’s learners. This requires unobstructed vision, employment of learning strategies, and the consideration of educational policies and practices. Additionally, it requires change in management approaches, the development of buy-in campaigns, the development of schemes, and adoption by all stakeholders (i.e. students, teachers, e-learning instructional designers, and curriculum designers).

NEEDS External Advisory Board (EAB)

For Education Business:

NEEDS EAB is a Group of Technology Experts and Educational Consultants, formulated to add the magic touches in the
development of “SOrCE LEARNING” solution which acts as a positive catalyst in this fast-track transformation.

SOrCE Platform

SOrCE platform enables meaningful learning and aims to accelerate the expected educational transformation and the building of differentiated learning echo-systems in schools. SOrCE is an enterprise and an e-Learning solution built to deliver learning, training, and academic programs by electronic means. It provides the digital transformation of traditional classroom learning experiences into a smarter, more robust form of learning through the utilization of advanced technologies, and provides packages for Brevet and Baccalaureate students to succeed in their official exams.

Associated with a highly-specialized team of K-12 & higher education SMEs and educational technology experts, NEEDS’s management and digital services experts’ pooled innovation fabricated a platform embedded with advanced educational technology approaches and pedagogies for School, prepared for Teachers, Parents and Students.

Associated with a highly-specialized team of Brevet & Baccalaureat educational technology experts, NEEDS’s management and digital services experts’ pooled innovation fabricated the first digital platform for the National Examination, available in both English and French languages.


NEEDS introduced their digital transformation initiative at the Central College of the Lebanese Monks - Jounieh (CCJ School). CCJ is a Lebanese school recognized as one of the best schools that use ICT within academic contexts in Lebanon. NEEDS concurred with CCJ to deploy SOrCE as a pilot project for 3 months.

Based on the positive recommendations of CCJ’s administrators, teachers, and students, NEEDS and CCJ entered a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU), effective January 2017, introducing the utilization of the SOrCE platform at CCJ to achieve the school’s digital transformation goals.