Mini-Grid Distributed Generation project using renewable energy

The Mini-Grid Distributed Generation project aimed at using wind/solar resources to produce electricity on the village level, to cover the 8-10 hours supply shortage, thus filling the gap that the utility (EDL) is not able to secure, using clean energy supported by a back-up or storage system. A conceptual approach for the feasibility of this project as part of mini-grid distributed generation in renewable energy was prepared. This project considered the assessment of wind/solar technologies for pilot villages. Three site surveys for wind/solar assessment were performed, project potential viability was defined based on measurement and data collection, technical and financial analysis were considered, proposals for wind and solar products with storage were received, and major project engineering framework was completed. The feasibility study considered batteries / diesel generators as back-up energy, and the preliminary design included the electrical connection part between generation and the storage units.

Name of Contract:

Mini-Grid Distributed Generation project using renewable energy



Name of Employer:

Lebanese Villages

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Date of award/completion:

2009 – 2010