NEEDS DSP Project Management Team relocation to EDL TJ floor

The power sector policy paper approved by the Cabinet of Ministers of Lebanon in June 2010 correlated the implementation of the Distribution Service Provider with the appointment of Program Manager to secure the contribution of the Private Sector and to ensure project success. The settlement of offices facilities equipped with modernized hardware and software equipment for the PM was a major challenge of the project. NEEDS completed the TJ floor in EDL Headquarters in terms of office refurbishment and supply. Refurbished floor was fully equipped with a secured reliable IT infrastructure and offices supplied with all necessary operational logistics. In addition to a set of meeting rooms with a fully refurbished and equipped conference room, elaborate modern offices were allocated for MEW Advisor, EDL PM Committee, and NEEDS PM Staff.

NEEDS Management, including administrative and technical staff, were relocated to TJ floor at EDL Headquarter and and have been operating from there since January 15, 2013, where a partial opening ceremony took place. The aim of this phase was to accelerate the Project Management process and ensure EDL and PM fulfillment of responsibilities as per Project Terms of Contract.

The TJ floor opening took place on January 21, 2013 and its inauguration as the DSP Management Center occurred on March 27, 2013 by H.E. Minister of Energy and Water, EDL Chairman, and PM, in the presence of all EDL Departments, MEW representatives, and in the presence of extensive media coverage.

Over 40 panels showing a complete Photo Gallery (or visual timeline), Comprehensive Charts and Drawings summarizing projects concepts and architecture were exhibited to present the project history, stages, objectives, activities and components, challenges, and benefits. The digital PM platform for project monitoring and control was presented as the first step towards digitizing the business flow ensuring the project management based on Key Performance Indicators as the fundamental milestone for project success.