EduTech 2019 – Digital Transformation, April 3-5, 2019

NEEDS had participated in the EduTech event, on April 3-5, 2019, which was held in the "Secrétariat Général des Ecoles Catholiques au Liban", in Ain Najm, Beit Mery, Lebanon. EduTech event is a common platform for schools, institutions, and other various stakeholders of the Education market to showcase and experience the presented high-tech standards offered by some of the best Education Technology providers in Lebanon.


NEEDS Booth demonstrated the company experience and expertise in realizing the digital transformation vision starting from the Digital utilities concept and smart grids, to E-Learning SOrCE and LEARNIT platforms. The Booth was visited by political figures, ministry representatives, executives, schools’ directors and administrators, teachers and students, as well as digital learning specialists and researchers from various academic institutions and organizations. Booth visitors were introduced to SOrCE digital solution which transforms schools into the digital age through implementing LMS, CMS, SIS, and Digital Curriculum management systems into one centralized digital platform.

Edutech event featured educational seminars, educational competition, artificial intelligence, robotics, cyber security, and international championships. NEEDS was invited to organize an educational competition “LEARNIT Interactive Competition”. An interactive educational competition explicitly designed on LEARNIT Platform - the 1st online training program For Brevet & Baccalaureate National Examination - with educational purposes to engage students in their academic learning through gaming concept approach. NEEDS performed many competition sessions for participants from several schools and awarded free membership accounts for the winners on LEARNIT platform to improve their readiness for the National Examinations.