Arab Big Data, American University of Beirut, August 28-29, 2015

NEEDS was invited, along with a group of regional and international industry and academia experts and stakeholders, to participate in the Arab Big Data Initiative at the American University of Beirut.
As published by the organizer, Arab Big Data Initiative (ABDI) is sponsored by the EU funded project MOSAIC (Cooperation with Mediterranean Partners to build Opportunities around ICT and Societal And Industrial Challenges of Horizon 2020) which aims to foster cooperation on R&D and Innovation between Europe and Mediterranean Region on Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) and how ICT can support common EU-MEDA Societal challenges: Health and wellbeing, Food and agriculture, Clean Energy, Green Integrated Transport, Climate Change and Secure Societies.

NEEDS was registered to demonstrate the “Utility Big data in line with smart Grid initiatives” presentation which outlines the Utility Transformation and Components of the Smart Grid, AMI core components of Smart Grid Utility, Utility Data complexity exemplified in The on line processing - Moving from HV and MV Scada Data to Metering Data, and The “Big and on-line Data” for Utility IT as backbone of digital transformation.

NEEDS slides addressed the smart metering implementation challenges and provided its experience in this field highlighting the smart grid components, the smart meter role in the heart of the process from generation to distribution, the technologies and systems stand as requisites, and the integration module necessary to consolidate all the units in a unique platform to contrive towards the smartness.